Maryam Karimian

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Perceptual learning, Large-scale brain network dynamics

About me: I am currently in the last year of my PhD in computational neuroscience. I received my master’s degree in Solid state Physics from Isfahan university of Technology (IUT), Iran, in 2015. The focus of my master’s thesis was on the collective dynamics of oscillatory complex networks. In my PhD, I concentrated on computational modeling of learning in large-scale brain network under the supervision of Dr. Peter de Weerd and Dr. Mario Senden. I started my research by simulating synaptic and myelin plasticity, and then, shifted the attention to (visual) perceptual learning by incorporating visual stimuli in my simulations and combining them with psychophysics experiments to validate the parameterizations and formulations in the model. For the future, I look forward to expanding on my studies by the application of different learning models and computational methods.

Contact: maryam [DOT] karimian [AT] maastrichtuniversity [DOT] nl