Rick van Hoof

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Visual processing, Neuroimaging

About me: In 2015 I obtained my research MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University. My PhD is being supervised by Prof. Dr. Rainer Goebel and Dr. Mario Senden and is part of the NWO-funded NESTOR project. NESTOR is a 4-year programme with the goal to develop a neuroprosthesis that interfaces with the brain, allowing the generation of artificial visual percepts even when there is extensive damage to the eye or the optic nerve. My contribution to this project is to non-invasively map out the anatomy of the visual cortex in blind people, which is required to carry out the necessary pre-surgical planning for electrode implantation. Next to this work, we strive for a better understanding of the human visual system by combining machine learning techniques with (real-time) high-resolution fMRI to recover seen and imagined visual percepts from the brain.

Contact: rick [DOT] vanhoof [AT] maastrichtuniversity [DOT] nl