Tonio Weidler

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Biologically inspired AI, Visuomotor systems, Cognitive architectures

About me: As intelligent systems attempt to mimic human cognition we should explore their biological counterpart for inspiration: the human brain. Intrigued by this very intuition, I received my master's degree in Artificial Intelligence summa cum laude from Maastricht University. In my master thesis, I integrated the lateral connectivity of primary visual cortex into convolutional neural networks under supervision of Dr. Kurt Driessens and Dr. Mario Senden. As a PhD candidate, I now research biologically inspired deep (reinforcement) learning architectures and algorithms as part of the Human Brain Project. To that end, I am interested in the translation of cognitive architectures into deep neural network models to autonomously find flexible policies using reinforcement learning. Additionally, I am keen to improve the biological plausibility of these architectures by integrating cortical connectivity patterns within or between individual layers.

Contact: t [DOT] weidler [AT] maastrichtuniversity [DOT] nl