Vaishnavi Narayanan

PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Computational Models, Biophysical models, Visual processing, Target Selection, Decision-making

About me: Coming from an engineering background, my bachelor thesis on bio-inspired computer vision steered me towards trying to understand the brain better. To further this interest, I pursued a Master's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University. During my master thesis, I worked on developing a macroscopic model of saccade generation under the supervision of Dr. Gorka Zamora-Lopez and Prof. Gustavo Deco at UPF Barcelona. As a PhD candidate, I am involved in developing biophysically-plausible models of the visuomotor system and currently focus on target selection. My broad interest lies in using dynamical systems theory to understand neural mechanisms of cognition.

Contact: vaishnavi [DOT] narayanan [AT] maastrichtuniversity [DOT] nl