Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Group Maastricht

Studying sensorimotor integration from the perspective of neural dynamics and artificial intelligence

The CCN Group, co-headed by Prof. Rainer Goebel and Dr. Mario Senden, is part of the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University and studies sensorimotor skill performance and acquisition from an interdisciplinary perspective combining computational neuroscience, deep learning, neuroimaging and robotics.


This video presents a first proof of concept of our work on human dexterity in the Human Brain Project.

Ibrahim, Tonio and Raphael started their PhDs in the group from September 2020. Given the virtual work environment, we welcomed them by starting an online book-reading club.

Vaish gave a talk on Functional Cognitive Architectures with a top-down perspective at the Human Brain Project Summit 2020 in Athens.

The CCN group presented a poster about 'Saccades to Dexterity' at the Human Brain Project Summit 2020 in Athens .

The group kickstarted 2020 with dinner and drinks and enjoyed some elusive Dutch sunshine in January.

Jessica de Santiago, PhD candidate at Computational Neuroscience Group, UPF Barcelona, has received the YERUN Research Mobility Award for a research collaboration at Maastricht University with our group.

Mario was selected for Young European Talent 2019 in the Science category.

Salil presented his work on population real-time receptive-field mapping at Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago in November, 2019.

Mario explained the Human Brain Project to laypersons at Studium Generale in November, 2019. Link to the event

Alex, Danny, Mario and Vaish organized and participated in the Workshop on Visuomotor Integration in Paris in June, 2019, as part of Co-design Project - 4 of the Human Brain Project.

The CCN group organized and participated in a hackathon aimed at combining models with the neurorobotics platform in Maastricht in December, 2018. Collaborators from TU Munich, FZI Karlsruhe and The BioRobotics Institute in Pisa also attended the hackathon.

Mario explained the closed-loop visuomotor model at the Human Brain Project Open Day held in Maastricht in October, 2018.