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Curriculum vitae

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience

Maastricht University

Oxfordlaan 55
6229EV Maastricht

Department of Cognitive Neuroscience

Maastricht University

Oxfordlaan 55
6229EV Maastricht


Neural Correlates of High-Level Visual Saliency Models

Alexander Kroner, M. Senden, R. Goebel

bioRxiv, 2023

Layered Structure of Cortex Explains Reversal Dynamics in Bistable Perception

Kris S Evers, Judith Peters, Mario Senden

bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2023, pp. 2023--09

Multi-Scale Spiking Network Model of Human Cerebral Cortex

Jari Pronold, Alexander van Meegen, Hannah Vollenbröker, R. O. Shimoura, M. Senden, C. Hilgetag, Rembrandt Bakker, Sacha J. van Albada

bioRxiv, 2023

The global communication architecture of the human brain transcends the subcortical - cortical - cerebellar subdivisions

Julian Schulte, M. Senden, G. Deco, X. Kobeleva, G. Zamora-López

bioRxiv, 2023

AngoraPy: A Python Toolkit For Modelling Anthropomorphic Goal-Driven Sensorimotor Systems

Tonio Weidler, Rainer Wilhelm Goebel, Mario Senden

bioRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2023, pp. 2023--10

ConvNets Develop Characteristics of Visual Cortex when Receiving Retinal Input

Danny da Costa, Lukas Kornemann, R. Goebel, M. Senden

2022 Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience, 2022

Editorial: Focus feature on biomarkers in network neuroscience

L. Douw, M. Senden, M. P. van den Heuvel

Network Neuroscience, 2022

Reading Imagined Letter Shapes from the Mind’s Eye Using Real-time 7 Tesla fMRI

R. Goebel, R. V. Hoof, Salil Bhat, M. Lührs, M. Senden

Balkan Conference in Informatics, 2022

Cortical Synchrony as a Mechanism of Collinear Facilitation and Suppression in Early Visual Cortex

Kris Evers, J. Peters, M. Senden

Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 2021

Extremely fast pRF mapping for real-time applications

Salil Bhat, M. Lührs, R. Goebel, M. Senden

NeuroImage, 2021

Biologically Inspired Semantic Lateral Connectivity for Convolutional Neural Networks

Tonio Weidler, Julian Lehnen, Quinton Denman, Dávid Sebok, Gerhard Weiss, K. Driessens, M. Senden, 2021

Investigating the Reliability of Population Receptive Field Size Estimates Using fMRI

A. Lage-Castellanos, G. Valente, M. Senden, Federico De Martino

Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2020

Editorial: The Embodied Brain: Computational Mechanisms of Integrated Sensorimotor Interactions With a Dynamic Environment

M. Senden, J. Peters, F. Röhrbein, G. Deco, R. Goebel

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2020

Using the Neurorobotics Platform to Explain Global Processing in Visual Crowding

A. Bornet, Alexander Kroner, Jacques Kaiser, Fedor Scholz, G. Francis, M. Herzog


Running Large-Scale Simulations on the Neurorobotics Platform to Understand Vision – The Case of Visual Crowding

A. Bornet, Jacques Kaiser, Alexander Kroner, E. Falotico, Alessandro Ambrosano, Kepa Cantero, M. Herzog, G. Francis

Front. Neurorobot., 2019

Contextual Encoder-Decoder Network for Visual Saliency Prediction

Alexander Kroner, M. Senden, K. Driessens, R. Goebel

Neural Networks, 2019

Interfering with a memory without erasing its trace

Gesa Lange, M. Senden, Alexandra Radermacher, P. Weerd

bioRxiv, 2019

The road ahead in clinical network neuroscience

L. Douw, E. van Dellen, A. Gouw, A. Griffa, W. de Haan, M. P. van den Heuvel, A. Hillebrand, P. Van Mieghem, I. A. Nissen, W. Otte, Y. Reijmer, M. Schoonheim, M. Senden, E. V. van Straaten, B. Tijms, P. Tewarie, C. Stam

Network Neuroscience, 2019

MOU-EC: model-based whole-brain effective connectivity to extract biomarkers for brain dynamics from fMRI data and study distributed cognition

M. Gilson, G. Zamora-López, V. Pallarés, MH Adhikari, M. Senden, A. Tauste Campo, D. Mantini, M. Corbetta, G. Deco, A. Insabato


Model-based whole-brain effective connectivity to study distributed cognition in health and disease

M. Gilson, G. Zamora-López, V. Pallarés, Mohit H. Adhikari, M. Senden, A. T. Campo, D. Mantini, M. Corbetta, G. Deco, A. Insabato

bioRxiv, 2019

Effects of synaptic and myelin plasticity on learning in a network of Kuramoto phase oscillators.

M. Karimian, D. Dibenedetto, M. Moerel, T. Burwick, R. Westra, P. De Weerd, M. Senden

Chaos, 2019

Reconstructing imagined letters from early visual cortex reveals tight topographic correspondence between visual mental imagery and perception

M. Senden, Thomas C. Emmerling, R. van Hoof, M. Frost, R. Goebel

Brain Structure and Function, 2019

Configural properties underlie the perceived faceness of a stimulus

Carmine Gnolo, M. Senden, A. Grillini, F. Cornelissen, R. Goebel

bioRxiv, 2018

[Re] A neural model of the saccade generator in the reticular formation

M. Senden, Jannis Schuecker, Jan Hahne, M. Diesmann, R. Goebel


Reconstructing and decoding imagined letters from early visual cortex using ultra-high field fMRI

M. Senden, Thomas C. Emmerling, R. V. Hoof, M. Frost, R. Goebel


Comparing Task-Relevant Information Across Different Methods of Extracting Functional Connectivity

Sophie Benitez Stulz, A. Insabato, G. Deco, M. Gilson, M. Senden

bioRxiv, 2018

Task-related effective connectivity reveals that the cortical rich club gates cortex-wide communication

M. Senden, Niels Reuter, M. P. van den Heuvel, R. Goebel, G. Deco, M. Gilson

bioRxiv, 2017

Rich club organization supports a diverse set of functional network configurations

M. Senden, G. Deco, M. A. Reus, R. Goebel, M. P. Heuvel

NeuroImage, 2014

How anatomy shapes dynamics: a semi-analytical study of the brain at rest by a simple spin model

G. Deco, M. Senden, Viktor Jirsa

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2012


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